Digital Media’s Influence

Computers took a long time to develop before they were finally made available to almost everyone.
However, the storage capacity of computers, as well as their computing capability, considerably grew between the time they were produced and when they were affordable to the general public.
For a reason, the presence of smartphones and personal computers has increased the effectiveness of digital media.
The ease with which digital media may be shared, accessed, and editing is the reason behind this.

Although digital media can be considered an uneasy substitute for print media, its impact on society can be compared to that of the printing press when it first became popular.

Digital media, like print media, necessitates the acquisition of certain skills before it can be fully appreciated.

When print media became popular, individuals needed to be able to read and write in order to appreciate it.

In addition to the capacity to read and write, which is required by print media, users of digital media must be able to navigate the internet and create digital material.

Digital literacy is the type of literacy that is required for people to be able to use digital media effectively.
It is impossible to overestimate the impact of smart gadgets on the rise and rapid distribution of digital media.
There are currently over 2.32 billion smartphone users on the planet. By 2020, this number is predicted to rise to 2.87 billion. As depicted in the illustration below.

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